The little Farm :
good moments for the children who want to take care of the animals with us !

The story started 11 years ago with Charlotte , a beautiful Saanen goat.

Charlotte was born in a cattle farm, the farmer would not have kept her because she had a little malformation of the udder, we saved her from being killed by coming here.

We fed her with a baby's bottle and she became a tall and robust goat. She is a member of the family and the chief of the other goats !


Penelope came to live in our farm 8 years ago and became Charlotte's friend. Penelope is a lively and very greedy little goat.



Then Vanille arrived here in 2004, she is peaceful and shy. She's an angora goat, we shear the wool twice a year. Mohair wool is very thin and silky.

Chouchou is her companion, he's very soft and cuddly.

Frisette and Frison are a couple of Ouessant sheep. Their wool is very thick, we must shear them once a year. They are always together and will probably have lots of babies...

Some new friends arrived this year: Pompon and Pâquerette our young donkeys, Fleur and Coquelicot who are having a rest on the table and Jolie Belle and Rose, two young goats. They bring us a lot of happiness !

Here is Joséphine with her ducklings, they like to walk around in the grass but their favourite game is to play in the little pond

The little black hen and her chicks are never far !

The friends in the farmyard live altogether: the hens, the cocks, the chicks, the ducks, the guinea-fowls...

We must feed them every day, give them water and some wheat. We mustn't forget to fetch the good fresh eggs !

Every day we spend long moments with our animals. We make sure everybody's fine, we feed them, clean the stables and the hen house, but we also give lots of cuddles...

Lili , Anna's duck and her friends "les canies".

We can discover lots of other animals in the countryside, the ladybirds, the hedgehogs, the frogs...

Chachou and Poupette are the happiest cats, they're always outside to play and run everywhere !

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