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The news :
Opening soon ! A little studio next to the swimming pool will be ready to welcome you in May, very nice little place where it will be possible to spend the night with the privacy of the swimming pool !
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Back to the sources,
Back to our roots,

Gite, bed and breakfast and french meals.
Renting bikes, fishing material, fishing cards. Selling fruits and vegetables, postcards and souvenirs.

Living in the countryside is often the way to find again the happy moments of childhood, to run in the fields, to take your time and to rediscover nature.

We live in a long stone-built cottage, a traditional French farm in the middle of the fields, next to a huge forest and a beautiful pond. Our farm is only 2 kilometres from the town.

Life here is simple and easy, the country cottages that we’ve renovated have a peaceful atmosphere, the stones, the bricks, the wood and the embroidered linen are natural materials and reminds us of the traditional French way of living.

We also serve traditional French meals, prepared with the vegetables from the garden ! It's a pleasure to continue the tradition of French cooking with handmade "pâtés" and dishes prepared from our grandmothers'secret recipes...

The animals from our little farm and the many wonderful creatures in and around the pond gives us hundreds of reasons to explain how they live, to show what nature gives us and to protect our environment.

Welcome to Gîtes de l'Etang des Noues.

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